Thursday, 3 April 2014

Trench Coat

  • Trench Coat - Zara
  • Silk vest - M&S
  • Leather skirt - Zara
  • Shoes - Karen Millen 
  • Bags- Ted Baker
Adis Le

Monday, 31 March 2014

Spring Orange

Hi there,
I like bright colors, it's obvious for this year now. I like black and grey most of the time and avoid at all cost to be in colorful outfit. Now i'm really stepping out from my old perspective, i'm not that scared with colorful outfit for some reason.  Don't know why, i guess colors bring happiness in me and i want to be happy.
My life has been such a rollercoaster for 4 years now. At some point it's really tiring and these journey that i have with so called motherhood and marriage, they come with all different aspects with it. I have to change and leave behind some of my dreams that not suitable anymore with my condition right now. At first it's tough and i can't accept it. But now i realized my most important treasure that i have in this life is my lovely husband, my boys, my parents and sisters also my close friends. Happiness and kindness is something that i want to share with people surround me. Life is to short to be negative. So shall we embracing all happiness and kindness then? :))
Hope you all have a nice week and thank you for dropped by on my blog.
Adis Le

  • Coat - Zara
  • Vest -Zara
  • Trousers - Zara
  • Shoes - Karen Millen
  • Clutch - Asos

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mixing Pink and Blue Pastel

Hi there,
This spring bit odd, for some reason the temperature dropped into -1 today and it felt like winter. I thought weather will get warmer but turned up quite the opposite around. Anyway, i'm really craving for some tropical hot weather holiday now. The cold weather really gets to my nerve and made me a grumpy person.
This winter i've been under attack from flu and cold that endless, it's keep spinning around in the house. So everybody got ill, high temperature and now coughing that still not end. Anyway, enough complaining now. 
I found this idea for something pastel color but since i like vibrant color i won't let it slipped without adding any bright color. So here i did it. I mixed pink pastel with blue pastel with a splash of bright pink and blue also red. Really comfortable. Hope you all have a nice day. Thank you for dropped by on my blog.
Adis Le
  • Top- Zara
  • Coat- Zara
  • Trouser- Zara
  • Bag- Zara
  • Shoes- Alexandre Birman

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Green Spring

Hi There,
It's spring time now!!! I'm so happy seeing spring time coming, since i knew it will be the time for cherry blossom tree! It's also time for color splash! I'm so bored with grey and black, leaving such a depressing moment. I'm also sad seeing the news about the missing plane, i pray and wish all them are still alive and safe, also will return to their family back again. Back to fashion again. Seeing those lush green, sure I can't just ignore them like that, so hard to resist them.
And really gave me a new energy and happy. I like this green coat, London still windy and cloudy. Anyway, those wont stop me to look fashionable isn't? 
I mixed the leather trouser with my black vest and these lush lovely green. So in love with it. Simple, classic and chic. That's all i need for happy spring.
Hope all of you have a lovely spring too. Just like me jumping up and down got excited with those cherry blossom flower.
Adis Le

  • Coat- Zara
  • Leather trouser- H&M
  • Bag- Ted Baker
  • Shoes- Karen Millen
  • Top- Hoobs

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Leopard mixed with military

Hi there,
I hope all of you well. After writing articles for London Fashion Week and wondering all over London just to go into different shows, I'm knackered. I got ill, due to the weather condition that really unpredictable. It's taking toll on my body. For 2 weeks, it's been quite awfull. But now i'm back on board and can focus back on the blog again. 
Ok, this year i'm started to attracted to exploring more colorfull and masculine stuff. I don't know why. They're just fascinate me for this year. Might be the winter blues that always raining make me want to be happy and colorful. Since things felt gloomy and dark. Back then, i bought red lipstick and put it aside since I felt. It's really bold. But now suddenly, i want to put those color on my lips everytime. 
When i saw this military trench coat, it felt like being struck by cupid's bow, can't stop thinking about it. So i decided to style them. This look is really simple and usable for day to day basis. The coat is so warm and thick i dont need jumper inside. Even by wearing the scarf already done the job for me. I'm also type of person that dont like to wear much gloves when im went out. Since i always end up losing my gloves so i prefer to have coat that has longer sleeves to protect my hands. I wish all of you have a nice day. And always filled by love.
Adis Le
  • Military Trench Coat- Burberry 
  • Scarf - Primark
  • Trousers - H&M
  • Shoes - Clarks
  • Glasses- Dior

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Dark Denim For Winter

Hi There,
February is a busy month for me, since i will have to writing for London Fashion Week. Due to work contract I can't put any pictures on my blog. It's really exciting moments for me when fashion week happening. You can see everybody have different style of fashion. Eventhough the weather really not nice for these couple days, nothing can detering all the fashionista spirits. :))
Anyway, these dark denim is so comfortable and soo my style. I like denim the fact they are super comfortable to wear and you can wear them on whatever situation by mix and match them with different item. I mixed my dark denim top, Dark jeans with wool coat and leopard prints shoes and golden color scarf. Bit color here and there bit nicer since this winter already gloomy and cold.  Anyway, hope you have a nice day and thank you for dropped by on my blog. Really appreciate it.
Adis Le
  • Wool Coat- Burberry
  • Top- Uniqlo
  • Denim trouser- H&M
  • Shoes- Clarks
  • Sunglasses- Dior
  • Scarf- No brand bought them on car boot sales 

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Red Jumper and leather pencil skirt for winter

Hi there,
I'm having great interest in bold color lately. Since grey and dark is always dominated winter clothes. I thought why not give a try on something bold? I'm mean you don't have to be bright and colorful only during spring and summer. And i'm already getting seasonal depression when winter come. So i tried to be happy and bright all year around. Since leather already bring sense of masculine look and neat feeling so i added bit color to spice up bit the look. I found this pencil skirt that really lovely, it made from leather but it has front cut that leaving sort of vintage yet in modern cut. I like it the fact i still look feminine and classy eventhough i'm wearing bold color. Hope you all have a nice day and thank you for dropped by to my blog.
Adis Le
  • Jumper- Karl Lagerfeld
  • Clutch- Burberry
  • Pencil Skirt- French Connection
  • Shoes- Zara
  • Gloves- Primark