Sunday, 19 October 2014

Brown Hues On Mini Skirt And Jumper

Hi there,
I find autumn this year is quiet warm. The wind gushed still give a chill factor yet i'm still wearing thin clothing. I do still bring my jumper along with me, just in case the weather suddenly decided to dropped a bit colder. Living in England taught me alot with the weather thru harsh experience.
Now the look that im pulling out here, they are perfect for autumn -ish. Since the jumper not that thick but yet still keep me warm and comfy. 
Talking about knee high boots they are so perfect for me. Since it still give me flexibility wearing skirt eventough the weather bit cool. 

Thanks for dropped by on my blog. Hope you have a nice day.
Adis Le
// Jumper - ZARA // Skirt - H&M // Boots - Oscar De La Renta // Clutch - ZARA // Scarf - No Brand