Sunday, 9 November 2014

Neutral Mixed With Blue Early Autumn Style

Ah autumn, season when my skin will be so dry, hair will be frizzy,  even gallons of drinking water didn't cure it. Autumn, also magical. Leaving traces of golden colors all over the places. I love hearing the dried leaves made cracking noise when I step on it. Seeing my boys running happily whilst carrying dead branch and they pretending that it's a sword like Mike The Knight.
Autumn, when days become shorter. And radiator at home become necessity to be on by dawn otherwise the house turn into humongous freezer when I open my eyes.
Autumn,  my imagination is flying away to somewhere else that offering delicious exotic food with warm weather.
Autumn,  due to the cold weather it increase my appetite for eating heavy meal and less snacking, I need tons of energy to lift my bulky jumper and to cheer my self from seasonal depression. Autumn, also when the scales become my enemy. ;)

 // Top - Zara // Skirt - H&M // Bag - Furla Piper Satchel Marble // Shoes - Jimmy Choo