Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Blue Midi Skirt and Stripes Cropped Top

Hi There,
I'm really delighted with the weather. And more delighted when i found these blue midi skirt. I love the cutting, the shape and the fact it got tulle on under part of it make this blue midi skirt a real chic skirt, quite different and unique on it's way.
I found Midi skirt now on the trend, which is good since it make me look really elegant and feminine since i'm big fan of any vintage shape so i'm fine with it. Stripes cropped top seems become a trend on high street too. I mixed stripes cropped top with this blue midi skirt which made them such a perfect match. It's also giving a silhouette of waist for me. This blue midi skirt remind me when i'm 6 years old i have to do ballet performance wearing black midi skirt. This look made me really happy, bubbly and lightweight. I kept jumping up and down wearing this blue midi skirt. :))

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  • Blue Midi Skirt - Topshop
  • Stripes Cropped top - Topshop
  • Shoes - Atmosphere
  • Clutch - Bodyshop


  1. very pretty,like the skirt :)

  2. Thank you really appreciate your comment :))

  3. Amazing!!!

  4. Thank you for dropped by and leave comments. .:))