Monday, 9 September 2013

Dark Blue Shoes Vest And Skirt

Hi everybody,
Bye bye summer! welcome autumn, i love autumn all the leaves will turn into golden color, there's something mellow and romantic about autumn. This photos i took it 2 weeks ago when there's still sunny day..sorry i posted it quite late. 
I like this shades of blue, dark blue shoes, vest and skirt. The dark blue vest, i bought it quite some time ago. The material is really good, they quite thick and gave you feeling "extra layers", also has a shape and not too loose. Can be wear underneath blazer or jacket or even wear them as you can see in this photos.
The dark blue skirt, now i do think this skirt is really lovely. They flare medium length skirt, and the way it's being designed such a creative and clever! by giving hint of red and mix it with grey, when i walk the front part ruffle will shown the red and grey color. The idea to mixing dark blue with maroon red and grey really nice and elegant.When i wear this skirt it gave me shapes on my hip so it's creating slimming silhouette and made  me look a like i'm wearing pantalone but i'm not.
The dark blue shoes, when i saw this shoes. i fell in love with it straight away. Perfect hues of dark blue and it's a pointy heel so it gave silhouette of elongated legs for me. Other thing i like about this dress it made from suede material. I really like suede material shoes. 
The clutch, i try to mix this neutral color, since i already wear blue from top to bottom so to gave bit splash contrast of color.
Happy autumn everybody! :))
Adis Le
  • Vest : Zara
  • Skirt : Reiss
  • Clutch : no brand-found them on car boot sale-
  • Shoes : Guess
  • Sunglasses : Ray-ban

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