Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Checked Top

I like autumn this year, bit foggy but still warm since there's no wind. I still able to go out without wearing jumper or jacket. Anyway, shall we just started talking about this look then. I saw lots of Checkerd top around last season it's more black and white, yellow and white. But this season the checked pattern dominating the trend with red and black sort of white-ish. 
This checked top really comfortable to wear, it made from light fabric but still retain you body warmth. Since im already wearing top that had color so i mixed it up with the white color. I like white color clothes that been around this season, since the white is more like broken white so it suits my skin color. This mini skirt really good to hide my small waist and with the flare on the bottom it balance my broad shoulder. So in love with this white ankle boots they really comfortable to wear and have a lovely shape.
Adis Le

Photos being taken by Jurgita Sadreddine-Delight photography, thank you so much for your kindly help :))
  • Checkerd top and skirt - Zara
  • Ankle Boots- Miss Sixty

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