Sunday, 20 October 2013

Green Jumper

Hello there,
This look i'm wearing boyfriend green jumper. I'm not so into women jumper since they're quite tight and body figure hugging so it clearly show's bits of my body that i want to hide rather than expose it. So if you kind of person that like loose jumper, i suggest you get a men's jumper and choose small size. Actually this jumper is women jumper but the shape is boyfriend jumper so it's bit loose just like boyfriend jeans. Now, i like this boyfriend green jumper, since they're not restricting my movement and hide my unwanted bits. But there's problem come up with it. Because it's loose, it tends up made me look bigger than my actual body. Best trick for this boyfriend green jumper is by wearing belt, so it creates silhouette of waist and creating slimmer silhouette. With the green jumper i'm also mixing up with the leopard pattern and leather. Leopard and leather they can bring glamour, elegant, sophisticated touch to the whole look but if you over do it. The whole look will be tacky. The best way to wear leopard and leather is by only give a bit touch here and there. And don't forget with the color scheme too. If you thinking to mixing up color with different material. Try to stick with the same color base like what i did in this look. I like this green jumper, to make it more feminine and elegant i mixed it with leopard scarf and shoes, keeping up with brown and creme on leopard, i choose leather brown belt and clutch  since there's also hints of black on the leopard pattern i wear black trousers. So eventhough they're look like different color but still there's similar color base that you can pay attention to. This will work if you thinking to mixing up color and mixing up different material. These look can be wear if you thinking of being casual but still want to be sleek and elegant. Photos taken by Jurgita Sadreddine from Delight Photography. 
Have a nice day, X,
Adis Le
  • Green jumper- Ralph Lauren
  • Shirt- Tommy Hilfiger
  • Leather belt- Ted Baker
  • Leather clutch- Zara
  • Faux leather trouser- H&M
  • Leopard scarf- Primark
  • Leopard shoes- Zara

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