Thursday, 14 November 2013

Red Suede Heel In Autumn

Well. Hello there! :)
Cold, cold, cold, cold, yeah i'm catching never ending cold and runny nose for a month now. At this photos i got conjuctivitis and cold sores. As you can see why i'm hiding my other eyes since they're really red. But hey, nothing will stopping anybody to keep on stylish eventhough there's cold weather and winter virus eh? Ok, first we will talking about color scheme for this look. I like red, it bring up great mood eventhough everything colder. Now, red whole head to toe? hmm, i don't think so. Red is already stand out color on it self bit hint of them? great! to much of them? tacky! tricky to rockin red? nope! easy peasy honey! I choose suede red heels, now since the attention of the look is these lovely shoes. I mixed it with black trousers just to draw attention to the shoes. Now, since my make up in natural color. The whole upper look will look plain. So i choose this soft pink jumper. Hold on, before you dash to store and get pink jumper. There's a tips to choose jumper. First, if you had big chest, choose chunky knit jumper just like the pattern on this photos. Because chunky knit jumper suits people that had big chest and great to hiding bits that need to be hidden. Second, broad shoulder? no worries, eventhough it's chunky. Make sure you choose v-neck or round neck like the shape of this jumper. Now, for the trousers. If you want to have elongated silhouette legs. You can choose this true fit trousers just make sure that the trousers will be rested on top of your ankle, this shape of trousers great if you have big calf and aiming for elongated legs silhouette. Last but not least, The shoes. There's plenty of red shoes out there on the store but which one to get? Always aim, for suede material for casual and work, for party then go with the glossy leather. Happy autumn everybody. 
Adis Le
  • Jumper, trouser, red suede heel - H&M


  1. You look beautiful :) and your blog is awesome :)

    1. Thanks alot A Zee. I appreciate your comments and wiling to dropped by. :)