Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Stripes top

Hi there,
December is manic month for me. Since i got to buy some christmas gift for family and friends. And last year my eldest son broke few glass ball of the tree ornaments so i need to buy some tree ornaments that child friendly this year. And preparing for some christmas card to be send out for friends and family. For some reason i felt this year the weather not as cold as last year. I mean it's still freezing but bit warm. London usually get cold when in January and the peak most likely to happened in Feb, since in february the spring wind also started. But every year can be different though. Down to fashion now. When i saw these stripes top. they really cute and so parisian, i tried to mixed pattern and color with the stripes top. This experiment if i have to be honest i'm not so sure at the beginning but it turn's up quite well. I never trust mirror, since they only projecting things that my brains want to see (in my opinion), when an outfit got photographed then it got clear which outfit that goes well which one is not. Cropped trousers will went well if i mixed it with pointy pumps, since it created silhouette of elongated legs. But careful with the material and color, since they also can showing of part of legs that need to be hidden (if you have big thigh avoid bright color).
Anyway, hope you all have a lovely week. And thank you for dropped by to my blog.
Adis Le
  • Top - GAP
  • Jacket- Atmosphere
  • Trouser- Ted Baker
  • Shoes- Guess
  • Bag- ASOS

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