Sunday, 23 March 2014

Mixing Pink and Blue Pastel

Hi there,
This spring bit odd, for some reason the temperature dropped into -1 today and it felt like winter. I thought weather will get warmer but turned up quite the opposite around. Anyway, i'm really craving for some tropical hot weather holiday now. The cold weather really gets to my nerve and made me a grumpy person.
This winter i've been under attack from flu and cold that endless, it's keep spinning around in the house. So everybody got ill, high temperature and now coughing that still not end. Anyway, enough complaining now. 
I found this idea for something pastel color but since i like vibrant color i won't let it slipped without adding any bright color. So here i did it. I mixed pink pastel with blue pastel with a splash of bright pink and blue also red. Really comfortable. Hope you all have a nice day. Thank you for dropped by on my blog.
Adis Le
  • Top- Zara
  • Coat- Zara
  • Trouser- Zara
  • Bag- Zara
  • Shoes- Alexandre Birman


  1. Such a pretty bag!

  2. Hi Kierra,
    They are pretty indeed. So agree with you. Thanks for the comments really appreciated.
    Kiss kiss

  3. Lovely look!